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GH-230s Glass laser engraving machine
Adopting the technologies of electronics, machinery and computer, it is one kind of cost-saving
equipment. It take CO2 laser tube as power, imported linear guide rail, USB port to communication
and Y-directionaldriving motors with extra torque. Thus it operates smoothly. Its head isn't contacting
with parts during the operation, thus it doesn't hurt surface of parts in high precision and small kerf.
It is a good processingtool (engraving or Cutting) for industrial purpose.

Machine Parameters:


Type of laser:
seal CO2 laser tube
Operational humidity:
Power of laser:
Minimum engraving letter :
English 1.5mm, Chinese 2mm
Engraving area:
Format of image data:
2460*3460*850 mm
Driving motor :
step motor
Engraving speed:
Cooling method:
water cooling and waterway protective system
Resetting precision:
Control software:
DSP control system usb ports
Operational voltage:
AC 110V±10%, 50-60HZ;AC220V±10%, 50-60HZ
Compatible software:
Coreldraw,Artcut AutoCAD ,
Total power :
<1, 500W
Operational temperature:
Applicable materials:

  glass,wood, bamboo, jade wares, marble, organic glass, rock crystal, plastic, clothing, paper, leather,
rubber, ceramics, and other nonmetal materials.
Applicable industries:

  advertisement, artwork, leather, toy, clothing, model, construction decoration , cutting of
clothes,processing industry of rock crystal letter, offset printing industry.
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