Products: Laser engraving machine

GH4040 Laser Engraving Machine for art and craft



Engraving area


Laser power


Engraving speed


Cutting  speed


Resetting positioning accuracy


Laser power adjustment

0-100% (The software can be adjusted)

Slope Carving


Laser type

Sealed CO2 laser tube

Total machine power


Minimum shaping character

Chinese:2mm, English 1.5mm

Power supply

AC 220V ,50HZ

Operating temperature


Operating humidity


Software language

Simplified Chinese,English

Software format supported

Coreldrew direct output


Applicable Industry

Craft Industry: can engrave the beautiful pictures and words on the non-metal eg. wood, bamboo, ivory, bone,

shell, marble etc.


Packaging and printing industry: can engrave and cut out the graphics and words on the printing rubber plate.


Leather garments processing industry: genuine leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, cloth,


It can be used for the clothing, underware, home decoration, gloves, hand-bags, shoes, caps, toys and

embroidery cutting, beyond fashion with special style.


Applicable industries: advertisement, arts and crafts, leather, toys, garments, model , building upholster,


computerized embroidery and clipping, packaging and paper industry.


 Packing List

 1) 1 Guanghan XY-4040 Laser Engraving Machine


 2) 1 Air-exhaust fan


 3) 2 Air -exhaust pipes


4) 1 Water pump


 5) 2 Water pipes


6) 1 Power line


7) 1 Data cables


 8) 1 Software CD


9) 1 Softdog


10) 2 Protective tubes


 11) 1 Compressor pump

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